Estonia still does not issue Schengen visas on usual grounds

Based on the order of the government, from 17 March 2020 the Foreign Ministry is temporarily suspending the admission of applications for Schengen visas and long-stay visas to Estonia at Estonia’s representations and visa centres due to the spread of the coronavirus. This also applies to Schengen visa applications processed by Estonia on behalf of another member state.

Unfortunately it is hard to predict when Estonian Embassies will start accepting ordinary visa applications again.

By exception, visa applications can be submitted on humanitarian grounds (illness or funeral of a close relative), for transporting goods or raw materials, for providing medical or other services essential for the resolution of the emergency, as well as by individuals whose parent, child or spouse is an Estonian citizen or holds an Estonian residence permit or right of residence. Also persons, who have received a permission to cross the border in exceptional circumstances from Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, can apply tor a visa.

From 3.08 such exceptional visa applications need to be presented to visa application center VFS.

With visas issued before 17.03.2020 and with valid visas you still cannot enter Estonia.

We would also like to remind you that from 17 March, entry to Estonia is possible for Estonian citizens and residents, including persons with a fixed-period residence permit or right of residence. As an exception, the Police and Border Guard Board may admit foreign nationals who have no symptoms of the virus and whose parents or grandparents, children or grandchildren are Estonian citizens or hold an Estonian ID card or residence permit card.

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