Entry into Estonia is permitted in exceptional cases

Based on the order of the government the Estonian border has been closed for foreign citizens from March 17th, 2020. At the moment entry into Estonia is still restricted but open to more categories.

The following persons have the right to enter Estonia:

  • A person who has Estonian citizenship, an Estonian residence permit or the right of residence, or a permanent residence in Estonia according to the population register
  • Foreigners can use Estonia as a transport corridor to get to their home country if they have shown no signs of being infected with coronavirus. A person who is allowed entry into Estonia for transit purposes is not subject to a restriction of movement for 10 days
  • As an exception, the Police and Border Guard Board may authorize a foreign national, who has no signs of illness and whose direct descendant relative (children and their descendants) or ascendant relative (parents and their ascendants) or spouse is an Estonian national, holder of an Estonian residence permit or the right of residence, to cross the state border for the purpose of entering Estonia.
  • Information about border crossing of other foreign citizens is set out in the order of the government (clauses 3-12)
  • all those who have received a special permit to enter the country from the Police and Border Guard Board. The application must be sent to ppa@politsei.ee. The application for permission to cross the border in exceptional circumstances can be found here. The purpose of the special permit is to enable third-country nationals to apply for authorisation to cross the external border for the purpose of entering Estonia, especially for family reasons, e.g. funerals, weddings, illness of a family member, an essential meeting with a family member, etc. A foreign national who has been admitted to Estonia on the basis of a special permit is subject to a general movement restriction and may not leave his or her permanent place of residence or place of stay within 10 days.
  • Persons entering Estonia for work or to study in an educational institution registered in Estonia as set out in clause 12³ of the Government order no 169. NB! It should be considered obligatory to stay in their place of residence or permanent place of stay for 10 calendar days after arrival in Estonia and be tested for COVID-19 immediately after arrival in Estonia and re-tested after the restriction of movement period (pursuant to the Government order no 282).

All questions related to border crossing should be directed to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (phone +3726123000, email ppa@politsei.ee). If you plan to cross the border in Narva, please contact Narva border checkpoint (phone +3723331600, email ida@politsei.ee).

If there is any doubt whether a person belongs to a special category allowed to enter Estonia, we advise to make a written request (special request) to the Police and Border Guard Board.

All persons are allowed to leave Estonia except during an imposed quarantine. Persons who have arrived in Estonia are generally subject to a 10-day restriction on the freedom of movement and must at home or an accommodation facility.

Questions about crossing the Russian border can be addressed by phone +7 812 5780312

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