Consular Help

Citizens of the Republic of Estonia and residents of the Republic of Estonia holding the Estonian alien’s passports, who have lost their passport, should turn personally to the Estonian Consulate. In case of losing the passport one should also present the certificate of the Russian police stating the loss of the passport.

It is suggested to contact the Consulate first by phone: 702 09 24; 702 09 20 or duty phone of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia in Tallinn: +372 53019999.

Certificate of Return to the Republic of Estonia is issued:

  1. to the Estonian citizens lost their passport
  2. to the residents of Estonia lost their alien’s passport

To apply for the Certificate of Return one should present to the consular section:

  1. an application for the Estonian citizens PDF
  2. or an application for the alien’s passport owners PDF
  3. a document from the Russian police proving that one have lost its identification document
  4. 2 photos 4×5 cm
  5. state fee 20 EUR (If the passport is out of date, the state fee is 100 EUR)

The alien’s passport owners, who have lost their passport with the visa of the Russian Federation should turn with the Certificate of Return to St.Petersburg’s Migration Board to apply for the exit visa.